zebra danio
  1. White Cloud Minnows
    White cloud minnows are small hardy fish that tolerate colder temperatures.  Some people even keep them in outdoor ponds in the summer, since they can handle temps as low as 60 degrees F.  They are another fish that prefer to live in a group, so make sure you get at least 6.
  2. Platies
    Platies are live bearers, which means they give birth to live young rather than laying eggs.  They will breed and produce LOTS of babies, but most will be eaten by other tank members in a community tank.  As bad as that sounds, if that didn't happen, you'd have hundreds of them in just a few months!

  3. Betta Splendens
    The males of this species MUST be kept alone, as they are VERY aggressive.  However, they are beautiful with long flowing fins in a wide variety of bright vivid colors. 

  4. Gold Fish
    These are a cold water species, so they don't need a heater.  There are many different types of gold fish that grow to a wide range of sizes, so make sure you choose a good one for your tank size.

  5. Guppies
    These are another live bearer, but keeping them in a community tank will keep the levels in check.  They are very colorful and have a lot of beautiful patterns, making them a very attractive addition to your tank. 

  6. Neon Tetras
    These are very hardy, but must be kept in a group of at LEAST 6.  However, the more there are, the happier they will be.